Neemdew Neem Oil
     NEEMDEW neem oil is extracted using a proprietory cold pressing process that leaves naturally occurring bitter ingredients at optimum levels. Azadirachtin remains at 1500 ppm or more (being a natural product variations are to be expected). To obtain quality that is consistent & free from contamination, we carefully select our seeds and put them through a process of cleaning before actual manufacturing.
Why cold pressed neem oil?
     Neem oil obtained from the neem seeds contains many bitter ingredients that have pesticidal, fungicidal & medicinal properties. Of these, azadirachtin is known to be most effective. Azadirachtin & other bitter ingredients are, by their nature, sensitive to heat & light. Methods of manufacture using expellers or solvents therefore destroy azadirachtin.Neemdew neem oil is extracted using cold pressing without any solvents or chemicals.
Main Use of NEEMDEW neem oil:
    As a natural biodegradable pesticide for plant & crop protection against pests.
  Other Uses of NEEMDEW neem oil:
    ---It is an excellent raw material for many herbal & cosmetic products.
---As a cattle & sheep dip- A 2% emulsion keeps animals & pets from ticks and mites.
How to use NEEMDEW neem oil:
     Form a 0.5% to 1% emulsion with any suitable emulsifier & spray on foliage or drench soil with this emulsified solution.
Advantage of using NEEMDEW neem oil:

---Being environmentally friendly & biodegradable, Neemdew neem oil has no toxic residue. It is safe to spray operators, fish, honey bees, birds & livestock. It only affects pests and not other predator insects like spiders, mantises & lady bird, thereby keeping intact the biological /natural control of pests.

---NEEMDEW neem oil can be used in combination with conventional pesticides & is ideal for integrated pest management programs. NEEMDEW neem oil is so extracted as to maintain all naturally occurring ingredients at optimum levels. These ingredients work synergistically & has been found to be more effective than pure azadirachtin based formulations.
     NEEMDEW neem oil can be shipped in 200 litres MS sea worthy barrels.