Neemdew Neem Cake
     NEEMDEW neem cake is an excellent organic fertilizer with pesticidal properties. Cold pressed neem cake is superior with much higher levels of neem oil.


400 ppm

Oil Content








    It also contains micronutrients like:
Iron 145mg/kg









Being a natural product there will be variations in ingredient levels. Neem cake can be supplied as powder or as pellets.
NEEMDEW neem cake as an organic fertilizer:
     It is an excellent organic fertilizer combining basic NPK and micronutrients. It has a 6% oil content which ensures pesticidal action against soil borne pests. It also promotes the growth of beneficial fungi such as trichoderma. The presence of all of them naturally ensures overall health of plants. The effect & economics of using neem cake with one or more than one fertilizer have been studied and found that there is a 20-25% urea / nitrogen saving coupled with improved yields.
NEEMDEW neem cake as a pesticide / fungicide:
     Neem cake can also be used in the management of insect pests. The bitter principles of oil and cake have been reported to have the following types of activities namely:
---Pest growth disruptor
---Anti microbial
     The cake gives protection against moth, lesser grain borer & red flour beetle. It also helps in reduction of certain parasitic fungi in the root tissue and in the egg-laying capacity of the female nematodes. It also protects the crops from termites. Azadirachtin and other constituents present in the cake are responsible for these properties.
NEEMDEW neem cake as a nitrification inhibitor:
---NEEMDEW neem cake mixed with any nitrogenous fertilizer ensures excellent results
---Urea when mixed/coated with neem cake prevents loss of nitrogen due to leaching and microbial action. This can result in saving of 20-25% nitrogen. Urea coated with NEEMDEW neem cake also ensures a slower & longer release of nitrogen to the plants, so that the actual nitrogen utilisation by the plant are enhanced.
     Results from field experiments have shown that neem cake coating of urea is a highly profitable technology & should be made popular with farmers.
NEEMDEW neem cake is available as:
---Powder for use as fertilizer.
---Fine Powder (60 mesh) for use as urea coating material.
---Pelletised neem cake (3mm to 7mm). This compacted neem cake will give a slower & longer release of nutrients to the plants and this will ensure better utilization of nutrients by the plant.