NEEMDEW neem cake  
   FAQ-NEEMDEW neem cake  
1.What is NEEMDEW neem cake?
      Neem oil is extracted from neem seeds. The residue after oil extraction is neem cake. It is an excellent organic fertilizer that has been used for centuries by farmers in India .
2.How is NEEMDEW neem cake different from other organic fertilizers?
      NEEMDEW neem cake naturally contains NPK, micronutrients and has pesticidal and fungicidal properties. (The pesticidal/fungicidal action comes from the neem oil residue in the cake.)
3.What are the specifications of NEEMDEW neem cake?
      Please see main text on neem cake.
4.Does NEEMDEW neem cake control soil borne pests?
      Yes. The bitter principals in the cake control soil borne pests such as nematodes.
5.Does NEEMDEW neem cake control parasitic fungi in the soil?
      Yes. Neem cake controls certain parasitic fungi in the root tissue. Neem cake encourages the growth of antagonistic fungi such as trichoderma. This results in control of parasitic fungi and resultant diseases such as root rot, blight and wilt.
6.What is the recommended rate of application?
       300 Kgs per hectare (275 lbs per acre)
       500 grams for 10 sq.metre plots (1 lb for 100 sq.ft)
7. Can neem cake be used in combination with other organic manures?
      Yes. It improves the utilization of nitrogen, gives protection against pests and the micronutrients improve plant health and yields.
8. Can neem cake be used in combination with other inorganic fertilizers?
9. What are the benefits of using neem cake in combination with inorganic fertilizers such as urea?
      It is well known that there is a loss of nitrogen when urea is applied to the soil. When neem cake is mixed with urea (keep the mixture for 12 hours prior to application) it reduces leaching of nitrogen in the soil. Neem cake, a nitrification inhibitor subdues the actions of denitrifying bacteria such as nitrosomonas and nitrobacter.Thus the actual utilization of nitrogen by plants can improve by upto 20%, thus leading to enhanced yields and improved plant health.



   FAQ-NEEMDEW neem oil  
1. How is Comorin NEEMDEW neem oil different from other commercially available neem oi?
      NEEMDEW neem oil is cold pressed and produced by traditional Indian methods without using heat, solvents or chemicals. This method ensures that no nutrients / ingredients are lost during manufacture. The result is a well balanced neem oil with all naturally occurring nutrients and ingredients at an optimum level.
2. How is NEEMDEW neem oil environmentally safe?
      NEEMDEW neem oil is nontoxic to humans, birds, earthworms, cattle, fish and spray operators. The oil is bio-degradable, leaves no residue and hence does not go down the food chain.
3. How to use NEEMDEW neem oil?
  • For crop and plant protection - Use any suitable emulsifier to the oil and dilute with water in the ratio 1:200 to form a 0.5% emulsion . This can be used as a foliar spray or used as a soil drench.
  • For control of animal parasites - A 1.5% is emulsion of NEEMDEW neem oil is effective against ticks and mites on pets. It is also an effective cattle and sheep dip. It is effective against scabs and parasitic flies. However, the surroundings will also have to be treated to keep them free from parasites.
  • For cosmetic and health care - neem oil is an excellent base natural for cosmetics and herbal medicinal products. We, at Comorin have specifically developed an odorless neem oil for each uses.
4. How does NEEMDEW neem oil work as a pesticide?
      NEEMDEW neem oil is a powerful natural pesticide which has the following effects on pests, when the plants are sprayed with NEEMDEEW neem oil emulsion.
  • The smell repels pests
  • It disrupts the digestive processes of the insects.
  • Being a powerful insect growth regulator, it interferes with the growth of insects in the following ways:
  1. Sterilizes insect reproductive system and disrupts reproduction.
  2. Reduces insect egg laying capacity
  3. Disrupts egg hatchability
  4. Adversely affects development of larva, pupa and nymphs
  • Prevents pests from developing resistance
5. Does NEEMDEW neemoil adversely affect beneficial insects?
      No. Only the plant eating pests are affected. Beneficial insects such as spiders, lady birds and such natural insect predators are not affected by NEEMDEW neem oil sprays and thus leaves intact nature's own pest control systems.
6. Is NEEMDEW neem oil /NEEMDEW neem cake toxic to spray operators, farmers, birds, fish and domestic animals.
7. Does NEEMDEW neem oil or cake leave any toxic residue in the treated product
      No. NEEMDEW neem oil and cake are totally bio-degradable.
8. How does the whole and natural NEEMDEW neem oil differ from a pure azadirachtin based pesticide.
      NEEMDEW neem oil is a cold pressed whole neem oil with all naturally occurring ingredients, including azadirachtin, intact. Pests are controlled not only by azadirachtin. They are controlled by a number of ingredients working synergistically and simultaneously on the pests. Thus it is more effective than a pure azadirachtin based pesticide and insects cannot develop resistance to the simultaneous action of a number of ingredients present in NEEMDEW neem oil.
9. How does NEEMDEW neem oil differ from conventional pesticides.
      Conventional pesticides have a knockdown effect on all insects in the areas sprayed. However NEEMDEW neem oil emulsion sprayed shows a slow and sustainable control of pests. Importantly, beneficial insects are left intact and they too assist in the control of pests.
10. Beside pesticidal action, does NEEMDEW neem oil have any nutrients.
      Yes . Besides pesticidal action, it is a good liquid fertilizer. It has N, P, K, Mg, Cu, Zn, and iron content.
11. Overall benefits of NEEMDEW neem oil.
  • It is excellent for use in organic farming.
  • Very effective in integrated pest management programmes.
  • Can be used in combination with other biologicals. Can be used in combination with conventionals and thus leading to reduced use of conventional.
  • Prevents pest resistance.